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CyberLink PhotoDirector offers a comprehensive yet simple solution to create photographs with a more professional edge. You can work with your photos without having to struggle with an excessively complicated interface that has dozens of controls that, nevermind their redundancies, you aren't able to master.

The application includes all of the tools that you've come to expect from a program of its kind. In other words, you'll have options to control brilliance and saturation, brightness and contrast, tone, definition, and much more. All of that is managed from different windows that only require one click to alter the image.

Similarly, you can count on all kinds of tools to select precisely the area of the photo that you'd like to adjust. Other tools range from pencils and selection lassos, to using masks and eliminating spots.

You'll also have access to a class of more complex tools that will allow you to make some surprising changes to the people and landscapes featured in your photos. The 'beautifier', for example, allows you to shave a few pounds off of your subject, or erase any facial or dental imperfections.

CyberLink PhotoDirector is a very complete and useful photo-editing tool. Its enormous amount of features, combined with a surprising ease of use, will allow users of any level to create just the composition they have in mind.

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